World Tour Calendar of Events

Through out the 2023-2024 season, you can experience music, dance, and hands-on workshops showcasing cultural traditions and expression from around the world.

The 2023-2024 I-House Davis World Tour: Diasporic Perspectives


What is the I-House World Tour?

We are touring the world at I-House with a series of four celebrations throughout 2023-2024 that explore the intersection of culture, migration, and identity through music, dance, food, art, and conversation.

Each celebration will include a performance, visual art, and an educational workshop – fostering cultural awareness, promoting global appreciation, and nurturing a sense of unity.

Each event will delve into a specific diaspora, offering a deep immersion into its rich traditions and contributions to our community.

When is the I-House World Tour?

Summer of 2024: A Celebration of African Diaspora

April 2024: A Celebration of Brazilian Diaspora.

March 2024: A Celebration of Nowruz, Persian New Year

February 2024: A Celebration of Indonesian and South-Asian Diaspora

November 2023: An Exploration of Native American Cultures in Wintun Homeland

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