Acorn Traditions: A Welcoming & Community Conversation with Diana Almendariz & YoloSol Collective

November 4, 2023 at 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Join us for Acorn Traditions: A Welcoming with Diana Almendariz, the inaugural event of the new I-House World Tour series, presented in collaboration with the YoloSol Collective. The event will begin with an interactive family workshop, acorn stories, as Diana leads us through the process of grinding, sifting, and preparing acorn flour as the Wintun people have done for thousands of years. In the process, we will learn about the pasts, presents, and futures that are embedded in the lands and waters of the Yolo bioregion. 

This hands-on workshop will be followed by a community conversation on indigeneity and diaspora, where they converge, and where they diverge, and how to work toward right relations to the Wintun homeland. Alongside Diana, the other guest speakers on the panel will include Danny Manning and Stan Padilla.

4:00pm – 5:00 pm: A hands-on family-friendly workshop on Wintun acorn preparation with Diana Almendariz

5:15 -6:30 pm: A community conversation on the intersection of Indigeneity and Diaspora

    • Invited Speakers: Diana Almendariz, Danny Manning and Stan Padilla
    • Facilitator: YoloSol Collective

About Diana Almendariz:

Diana Almendariz is a cultural practitioner of Maidu/Wintun, Hupa/Yurok traditions, heritage, and experiences. She is an accomplished storyteller and visual artist who has been working on the cultural and ecological revival of her Wintun homeland for over three decades. As a culture-bearer, she tells stories of the land and water, of the histories of her people and her plant and animal relatives, through her land-based pedagogy, her paintings, and the practice of traditional arts such as basket-weaving, boat-making, doll-making, and more. She leads impactful public projects on the restoration and stewardship of culturally important plants including tule, acorn, and first foods, and practices such as cultural burning.

Free RSVP here.

This program is supported, in part, by the City of Davis Arts & Cultural Affairs Fund.

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