I-House is fiscally sponsoring this community-led initiative to activate Central Park, giving voice to Black and Brown artists and creating space for much-needed civic dialogue on race in our community.

Solidarity Space Davis

I-House is committed to supporting the Founder-Creators of the Solidarity Space in fiscal overhead and management.  The Solidarity Space community will continue activate the Solidarity Space through artivisim and other programs.

Arts in Solidarity Project

International House Davis and the Solidarity Space are excited to work with Maya Wallace and Paul WIllis of Sacramento’s Black Artist Foundry to explore a community-focused, equitable, relevant and vibrant public art process for the Solidarity Space Davis in Central Park. 

This project will include a community insight process that engages Solidarity Space leadership, local advocates, and community members with a focus on individuals that have worked to establish Solidarity Space and uplift issues surrounding racial justice, equity, and inclusion. To honor their efforts and ensure a sense of security and openness, this process will center folks from historically excluded communities. The project will include interviews and community meetings and will culminate with a public report of findings and recommendations for Art in Solidarity.

This project is supported in part by the City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs Program

Find Solidarity Space Davis on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/solidaritydavis/

Donate to the Solidarity Space Davis here

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