Sophie Bee Art

Overtime, people get desensitized to the small wonders of our everyday. In my work, I aim to reintroduce our eyes to the treasures of the natural world. About the Artist: Sophie Banspach is a professionally trained scientific illustrator and watercolorist, as well as the owner of her art business, Sophie Bee Art, LLC. Sophie is passionate about creating artwork that is educational, vibrant, high-quality, detailed, and thought-provoking. She is inspired by insects, botanicals, frogs, and other small creatures and natural objects. Artist Process: I start the process by drawing inspiration from nature or photography. Over the years, I have collected bones, insects, taxidermies, and other botanicals that I love to draw! Most of my works use a variety of mixed medias. I begin my artworks by lightly sketching the piece in graphite pencil. Next, I use rich watercolor paints with a thick paint-to-water ratio to create a bold, vibrant color. After hours of meticulous painting, I may decide to add additional medias such as high-pigmented Prismacolor pencil to create texture, or pen & ink to highlight finer details and shadows in the subject. In some of my work, I may also add digital illustration elements to make shiny or smooth textures. However, most of my portfolio is strictly traditional, hand to paper.

Diasporic Origin: North America
Focus Area: Visual/Craft/Material Arts
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