Lead4Tomorrow is a Davis-based 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen families, contribute to the development of thriving communities, and ultimately work towards a more compassionate and peaceful world. In addition to our work in California and the United States, our East Africa Community and Family Health initiative operates in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and soon in Zimbabwe. The initiative builds around our resilience-focused Family Hui positive parenting program. From there we have developed six schools in three of the countries which offer below-cost, high-quality educational experiences for nursery and primary school grades, with the requirement that parents participate in the Family Hui program so that children are more consistently guided by positive parenting practices. Additionally, to meet the nutritional and economic needs of families we have initiated micro-savings and microenterprise programs, including a tilapia aquaculture cooperative on Lake Victoria, a farm south of Dar es Salaam, a vocational training center in Kapchorwa, Uganda, and numerous micro-savings programs among hui participants. Impact is measured through pre- and post-participation surveys from Family Hui participants, and tracking the ongoing outcomes from our schools and economic development opportunities.

Diasporic Origin: North America
Focus Area: Social Services
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