Kalpulli Xihuacoatl

We are a traditional Aztec Dance Group under the La Palabra of our General Capitan Pedro España, Mesa Quinto Sol of Axochiapan, Morelos, Mexico and under the direction of our Capitana Irene Adame.
We chose dance to express our culture because it’s a harmonious way to translate what our ancestors have taught us throughout the years. All we do, is transmitted through energy. With each movement we emit positive energy that connects us together in an almost supernatural way.
Everything we do symbolizes something. We honor the four elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. The fire and smoke in the fire holder ( Somador) represents the sun, fire and the center of the circle, like the center of our galaxy. The rattles on our feet are called ayoyotes and they come from a tree, thus representing earth. They makes noice when we dance to hear the marking of the steps. The feathers in our regalia represent wind. The feathers also showcase the elegance of the dance and allows the dancer to express their individual personality through different types of feather, colors and sizes. The conch shell used to announce and gather the group represents the water.
Whenever generals or captains of other groups or communities would arrive, the highest form of respect was is to blow the conch shell. It is also used to let everyone know that a gathering is going take place. The drum is called the voice of the grandfather or abuelo. Referring to the eldest star in our galaxy, the sun. The drum is the center of energy and the vibrations that travel through the air, elevate the dancers energy, like he sun giving life and energy to our planet.
Each dance has a name which honors and thanks the creator for something. Although many believed them as gods, they are merely symbols to identify them. Tlaloc dance, is the dance of the rain, fertility and water. Quetzacoatl (the feather serpent) dance, represents wind , learning and knowledge. Maiz/Corn dance, represents the planting of corn into the ground and by using our feet to show how to cover the corn with dirt. And many more…
Each dance has a meaning, each step represents an aspect of the Aztec way of living, all the elements our creator has provided us, are also represented in our regalia and instruments.
We hope that through our dance everyone finds peace, love and harmony. We hope everyone appreciates diversity and the importance of teaching children their roots and to embrace the differences in our planet.
Contact information: adan52578@yahoo.com
Diasporic Origin: North America
Focus Area: Country/Cultural History, Issue/Cause, Performing Arts, Religion/Faith
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