One-on-One English Conversation

October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 at 12:00 am

I-House launches a One-on-One English practice program.

October – December 2020
I-House continues to provide individual English conversation practice
In light of the limitations that the recent pandemic has placed on our gathering
together, we have thought of a program that might appeal to many of you who
would love to meet someone new from another country. One-on-One English at I
House is a program that would pair an international visitor to our community with
a native American speaker of English, for about an hour of English conversation
practice a week via Zoom. Because we are unable to meet face to face at this
point, the zoom meet-up will allow participants to get to know someone from
another country while honing English skills. The emphasis here is on English
conversation – not grammar or composition – so all you need is a desire to meet
up with someone once a week at a time that is mutually convenient, to discuss
topics that are of interest to you both.
If you are interested in participating please send your contact information to
Susan Linz ( as well as an indication of whether you are
an international student or a native English speaker. Native English speakers act
as hosts to the international student they are paired with, so an ability to issue an
invitation on Zoom to your partner is an essential skill.
Thank you for considering becoming a conversation partner! We find ourselves at
a time when many feel very isolated and would certainly enjoy a connection with
an American in our community or an international visitor. Get back to us as soon
as possible and we will work to get your partnership up and rolling!

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