Imagine a World

July 21, 2020 - August 31, 2020 at All Day
Imagine a World Where Everyone Counts: a pavement painting on the I-House Terrace by shyboytoto
Local artist Tony Tran, also known as shyboytoto, is creating a beautiful pavement mural on the Mrak Terrace titled “Imagine a World Where Everyone Counts.” As a part of the #Plan4Resilience series of murals spearheaded by Danielle Fodor and supported by the City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs program, the pavement painting envisions a community in which all people feel safe, empowered, and free to express their identities joyfully. The imagery is a call to action – to vote, to take the census, to participate in civic processes, to engage with difference, and to be actively anti-racist. Shyboytoto will complete the painting by July 26th, and it will grace the I-House Terrace ground until nature or footsteps wash it away. The painting, symbolic of the fragility and ephemerality of the present moment, is a recognition that we need to build a just future from the ground up, creating the foundation of equity first. To tip the artist, please go to:
Come by and check it out! Wear a mask please!


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